Our story

We are a full-service Romanian Law Office based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Adrian Pârvu Law Office provides legal advice and representation for local and foreign investors, handling issues and challenges that arise in the life of a business.

Languages: German, English, Romanian.

Our mission

Our aim is to understand your business goals and tailor the best solutions for them.

We want to address your specific needs combining cross-expertise from lawyers, notaries, bailiffs, accountants, translators, real estate agents and technical experts.

Our main focus is maintaining a positive relationship with our clients.

Our vision

We would like to share our Smart Law Concept with you.

Each business has specific issues that require anticipation, communication and cross-expertise in order to foresee changes in their legal environment.

Being visionary means daring to be creative, staying informed and learning, constantly. Being visionary means looking to the future so as to better address the present.

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Adrian Pârvu Law Office provides legal assistance and representation in each phase of the judicial procedure, from negotiations, to proceedings before national courts and enforcing of judicial decisions.

Going to trial is not always in our clients best interest, therefore we explore every option for an amicable settlement advantageous to our client.

When this is not our client’s best course of action, we develop a tailored strategy, finding creative solutions, suitable to our client’s specific needs.

We represent companies as well as private individuals, in a diversity of dispute resolution proceedings, on aspects including:

  • Civil law.
  • Commerical and tax litigation.
  • Debt recovery procedures.
  • Labour law.

Day-to-Day Business

Whether you need us to draft a contract, find a solution for a corporate, tax or employment matter, or provide you with legal advice on a permanent basis we are here to support you through the current and ever-changing legal environment.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Company incorporation and restructuring.
  • Headquarters hosting.
  • Amendment of trade registry data.
  • Business planning.
  • Tax issues.
  • Various types of commercial agreements.


We offer services of legal consulting to both natural and legal persons, providing a legal opinion in writing or verbally according to our clients' needs.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Analyzing legal issues and delivering legal opinions.
  • Drafting legal documents (contracts, conventions, articles of corporations).
  • Assisting and representing the client in negotiations and conclusion of contracts.
  • Drafting requests, notifications or petitions to authorities or other third parties, defending our clients rights and pursuing their interests.
  • Due diligence activities.


Alba Iulia 1B
400197, Cluj-Napoca
Cluj, Romania

Tel: (+4) 0742 165 249
Fax: (+4) 0364 736 980
E-mail: <avocat[AT]adrianparvu.ro>